Saturday, August 21, 2010 Saturday, August 21, 2010



I am supposed to make seafood Chopsuey for dinner the other night but I don’t have all the necessary ingredients. I was too lazy to drive down to the store so I decided to use what I have available in the fridge and this is what I came up with. It’s not what I want it to be but it was delicious.

I didn’t do anything special for this recipe. I just sauté all the vegetable until tender , added the cooked shrimps and add some salt and pepper to taste.Bwallaa...instant dinner!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chocolate Cake

Dylan kinder graduation cake

Dylan kinder graduation cake2

Not a very good pictures but do not judge the taste by its look. I made this cake for my youngest son during his kindergarten graduation last May. It’s one of the easiest cakes that you can prepare on any occasions. I am not going to make this entry any longer so here is the recipe.


Betty Crocker chocolate fudge cake mix

1 container Betty Crocker chocolate frosting

1 jar of maraschino cherries
2 dozens kit kat wafers

1 cup whipped cream
1 (8 oz.) cream cheese
1 tbsp. milk
1 tbsp. sugar

Red ribbon


1. Prepare the chocolate cake according to its package direction.
2. While the cake is baking, prepare the filling.
3. Mix all ingredients for filling and set aside inside the fridge.
4. Let the baked cake cool completely before filling and frosting.
5. Carefully cut the cake into two layers.
6. Place the filling on top of the first layer.
7. Place the second layer on top of the first layer cake with filling.
8. Now you can start frosting.
9. Slowly arrange the kit kat wafers around the frosted cake.
10. Tie the red ribbon around the cake to hold it.
11. Top the maraschino cherries and you’re done.

Friday, August 06, 2010 Friday, August 06, 2010


sweet potato

I learned to make this recipe from my mother -in-law. Back in the Philippines, I only knew few recipes using sweet potato (boil, fry and grill). I am not a big fan of sweet potatoes until I have tried this one. It’s very simple and I am sure everyone in the family will enjoy this treat. You can only find this sweet especially during the holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. And of course, you can always make this one anytime you crave for some tubers.



2-3 medium sized sweet potatoes (boiled or baked)
½ tsp. salt
1 can (8 oz.) evaporated milk
½ cup brown sugar
1/3 stick butter, softened
2 eggs, beaten
1 tsp. vanilla extract


½ cup brown sugar
1 cup chopped pecan nuts (or any nuts)


1. Boiled potatoes. Mash when cooked.
2. In mixing bowl. Add mashed potatoes, salt, milk, sugar, butter, egg and vanilla. Stir until combined.
3. Pour into a greased baking dish.
4. Cover with topping.
5. Bake in pre-heated oven at 350 degrees F for about 35 minutes. Enjoy!

Friday, August 06, 2010

General Tso's Chicken

general tso's chicken

I made this recipe not long time ago I am still in the process of perfecting this Chinese goodies. It was good but not very good like I want it to taste. I will post the recipe as soon I get it right.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Yello Rice

yellow rice

If you like your rice yellow then this is for you. This recipe is very easy that you can even close your eyes while making it. It’s another way to make use of your left-over rice. I am not going to make this entry any longer so here is the recipe.

Yellow Rice


1 clove chopped garlic
1 small chopped onion
1 tbsp. olive oil
2 cups rice
½ tsp. turmeric powder (you can add more if you like)
Pepper and salt to taste
Rosemary, carrot bits and soy sauce for garnish


1. In a medium pan with olive oil, Sautee garlic until slightly brown.
2. Add chopped onion and sauté until tender.
3. Add rice, stir until combined. If it’s too dry, you can add a little water or some broth.
4. Add turmeric. Stir
5. Add pepper and salt to taste. Enjoy!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

chocolate crinkles

This is one of my favorite cookies but I don’t bake them very often though. I make a huge batch of these cookies during Christmas to giveaways together with other goodies. This recipe is very easy to make so anytime you have cravings with something sweet then try the chocolate crinkles.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


3 eggs
1-1/2 cups sugar
4 oz unsweetened chocolate, melted
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp. instant coffee
2 cups all-purpose flour
Sifted powdered sugar


1. In a mixing bowl beat eggs, sugar, chocolate, oil,
baking powder and vanilla until combined.

2. Slowly add the flour and beat.

3. Cover the mixture with cellophane wrap and chill in the fridge for about an hour or two or until easy to handle.

4. Shape dough into 1-inch balls.

5. Roll balls in sifted powdered
sugar and coat generously.

6. Place balls one inch apart on an
ungreased cookie sheet.

7. Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes or
until edges are set and top is cracked.
8. Let cool on wire rack. Enjoy!