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For Prince Aries Ceras Gastardo

My name is Prince Aries Ceras Gastardo. I was born on March 27, 2010. My mommy’s name is Sheryl Digamon Ceras and my daddy’s name is John Pet Gastardo. We live in Purok 6, Sta. Cruz Placer, and Surigao Del Norte, Philippines.

I was born with a birth defect called an Omphalocele - my intestine is sticking out below my belly bottom. I am in and out from the hospital. Right now, I am very sick and patiently waiting for the doctors to do the much needed surgery. But I need your help, compassion and understanding.

I don’t know if I can make it this time, we used all the means of survival and we have nothing left except hope. I will pray and knocked to your hearts for another chance to live. I need to live to experience how beautiful is life. My wish to live will come true with your kindness and generosity.

To all, I sincerely say my thanks. Please, let me live.

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