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Doughnut Holes

I’m pretty sure that you heard about this canned biscuit dough donuts and holes already. This recipe is perfect for those people who don’t have time to fool around in the kitchen. It’s delicious and very easy to make. My kid’s love these quick desserts. So next time you hit the frozen section, don’t forget to grab a can of biscuits.

You can stuffed your doughnut holes with jam or jellies or sprinkle and drizzle it with your favorites toppings.


Doughnut Holes


Oil for frying
¼ cup sugar
1 canned of small buttermilk biscuit


1. Heat 2 inches oil in a medium pot.
2. Lay out the biscuits on a cutting board and cut each biscuit into two.
3. Form each biscuit into ball or round.
4. Fry them in the oil until golden brown.
5. Flip to fry the other side.
6. Drain on paper towels.
7. Then toss in the sugar.



September 9, 2009 at 11:28 PM

I love using biscuits to make donuts!